How to Host a Holiday Cocoa Party

Planning a Holiday Cocoa Party isn't just for the the little kids, but is a fun event to host for adults and big kids as well during the winter season when it's cold outside.T (MORE)

7 Last-Minute Holiday Entertaining Tasks

Hosting a Christmas party is enjoyable, but also a lot of work. Giving out party invitations is a sure way to guarantee that the menu gets planned, the details take place, and (MORE)

Children's Thanksgiving Table Activities

For Thanksgiving, set a separate kids' table from the adults, one they'll love and get to enjoy, with fun crafts and ways to remind the little ones of the significance of the (MORE)
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Organizing a Thanksgiving Menu

The most important part of cooking a Thanksgiving dinner is organizing the menu, and being prepared. Thanksgiving preparation is a big job when it comes to planning the menu, (MORE)

Harvest Party Games

A Halloween party, or a fall harvest party, is all about the food, activities and games. It's a great way to bring families, kids, youth groups, neighborhoods, and clubs toget (MORE)